What a season for Sam Valley

What a season for Sam Valley

September 19, 2017
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At Hadley & Ottaway we are delighted to support Heather Plasted and her horse Sam Valley. Below is Heather’s report of the season.

Well I must say “what a season” we have had….

Firstly Sam Valley has proved to be a very good 7 year old horse that is coming on like a real Pro!

We finished and qualified  the 80km ride at Pilgrims Trail at Swaffham on the 23rd July. There where 8 of us entered in this class and we where placed 3rd completing it at an average speed of 15.2 km per hour which now means Sam Valley has now achieved advanced level.

We then entered the National 80km ride at Euston Park on the 20th August. There where over 30 entries in this class and a very busy atmosphere as on the Saturday they held the International event with over 400 entries. Unfortunately Sam Valley got stopped at the 64Km vet check  for a slight lameness in her right fore (due I think to a knock or a twist while on track). She was going even better than before reaching an average speed between 16 – 17 km per hour, but never mind that’s the name of the game in endurance.

At this point there are not any more competition rides in this area so I shall take her out on a couple of smaller “pleasure rides” (very short fun rides) to  chill her out a little then give her a couple of months off to rest.

My intentions now shall be to get her out in early spring 2018 in a warm up 40km then another 80km National hoping to qualify for the first International at Euston Park.

Everyone at Hadley & Ottaway would like to pass on our congratulations and support to Heather and Sam Valley!

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