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Top Tips to Make the Packing Process More Efficient

When moving home, one of the most time-consuming processes involves packing up all of your possessions, most of which are likely to have been built up over a good few years! With possessions in every single room of your home, in addition to the loft and outside in garages or sheds, it is clear to see why it can take a considerable amount of time; however, we here at Hadley and Ottaway are on hand to help with a few top tips to make the packing of your possessions ahead of a house move that little bit easier;

Don’t Do it All at Once

When packing, you can be inclined to try and do everything and once in the hope that this will get the job done much quicker. Whilst this might work when packing away Christmas decorations after the holiday season is over, it certainly won’t be an effective method for packing up the belongings in your whole home.

Working through one room at a time is a far more efficient way of packing possessions as once you have done, you can leave the packed boxes in the empty room whilst you move on to the next; therefore avoiding having boxes all over the house for you to fall over!

Don’t Forget to Add the Labels

The last thing you want when arriving at your new house is to not have a clue which boxes should go where so labelling during the packing process is vital and will most definitely make it easier for you when it comes to unpacking.

A simple note on the box you have just finished packing referring to which room it needs to be left in is all it takes to save time at the other end of the process. Furthermore, don’t forget to add labels detailing which way up the box needs to stay or a handle with care notice if the box contains fragile goods.

Don’t Overfill the Boxes

Make sure you don’t overfill the boxes; whilst it may be tempting to fit as much in so you end up with as few boxes as possible, if you can’t lift the box easily, you may do more harm than good. Boxes that are overfilled or too heavy can lead to injuries for the person who has the task of carrying it and the possibility of the contents falling out the bottom of the box due to it not being strong enough to hold its contents are raised considerably.

Yes putting fewer things in will lead to more boxes, however, at least you will avoid injuries and the arduous task of repacking all the possessions that have fallen out the bottom!

Hopefully, these three tips will help make your packing process more efficient, however, should you need any further advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our removals experts or alternatively, let us do the packing for you!

Top Tips to Make the Packing Process More Efficient

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