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Top Tips for Moving During Bad Weather

As we all know, the British climate is incredibly unpredictable and as nice as the weather has been over the last few months, we know all too well that as we enter autumn and with winter on the horizon, conditions can change dramatically over a short period of time. Whilst those moving have had perfect conditions to do so over the last few months with dry, warm weather, if you are planning a move over the next few months, there is, unfortunately, an increased chance that moving day could be affected by bad weather.

It is therefore important to ensure you are properly prepared in the event of inclement weather striking, so we at Hadley and Ottaway have collated a few top tips to help you out should this problem arise.

Moving in the Rain

Rain is one of the most common bad weather problems on moving day, yet here are a few ways in which you can lessen the impact of rain affecting your day;

  • Attempt to get the removal van or lorry as close to the entrance to your house as possible so your belongings can be quickly loaded and aren’t open to damage from the elements for too long at all. To enable this, cut back hedges and branches and also let your neighbours know you’re moving so they can be prepared to move their cars.

  • For large items of furniture, cover them in plastic sheets to avoid the rain potentially damaging the fabric when they are being loaded on at your current home and unloaded at your new one. If you choose Hadley and Ottaway, our Removal Team will do this for you.

  • Split your team of movers in two and have one team that works outside with the other team staying inside to avoid people with wet and muddy feet constantly coming and going from your home. With H&O, you’ll have carpet covers put down and special plastic protective for stairs laid to ensure both your former and new homes are adequately protected.

  • If people will be coming in and out of your home when it is wet outside, make sure you lay sheets, blankets or towels down on the floor so as to not damage or stain the carpet.

Moving in the Snow

In recent winters, significant snowfall has become more common, which in turn has led to new problems for those moving home in winter. The majority of the same tips outlined above still apply in the snow, however here are a couple more for you to bear in mind;

  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast for the eve of your move to ensure you know whether or not you will need to grit or salt your driveway should a frost or excessive snow be on the cards. This will make it far safer when the removal process begins the following day.

  • Keep shovels close at hand to create pathways for your belongings to be carried and loaded onto the van should you be moving when heavy snow is falling.

  • Ensure there are plenty of hot beverages to hand to warm the cockles of all the hardy souls out in the snow helping you move!

Come rain, shine or snow, we at Hadley and Ottaway will always be on hand with a removals team to assist with your move, so give us a call today and bear these tips in mind to ensure your move, even if moving day is affected by bad weather, is a success.

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