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Checklist for Who to Inform When Moving Home

We all know how much there is to think about when moving house, however one task that is an absolute must involve informing the relevant service providers and authorities about your relocation. Whilst you will, of course, inform family and friends of your move, possibly through a phone call, email or a simple text message, the same can’t necessarily be done for the service providers, companies and authorities we at Hadley and Ottaway are going to highlight in this checklist. More traditional methods, such as lengthy phone calls, letters or even going in to see the relevant people face to face will be required in order to inform them of your upcoming move.

Detailed below is a checklist of the people we feel you need to make sure are informed of your move so you don’t encounter any problems at a later date. You can use this list to make sure you have contacted the parties relevant to you;

Service Providers

The following service providers should be informed of your move so they can make changes to your account;

  • Water Company
  • Electricity Company
  • Gas Company
  • Phone Company
  • Broadband Provider
  • Satellite TV Company

Insurance Providers

It is essential that these insurance providers know your new address so they can change the details on your policy, ensuring you are still covered and fully protected;

  • House Insurance Provider
  • Contents Insurance Provider
  • Car Insurance Provider
  • Life Insurance Provider


The following authorities need to be informed of your move so you don’t find yourself in any legal difficulties through wrong information is available;

  • Inland Revenue
  • Local Authority
  • DVLA
  • Children’s School
  • Employers


It is important that those dealing with your finances are aware of your change of address, so the following should be informed;

  • Bank(s)
  • Credit Card Company
  • Building Society
  • Loan Companies

Other Important Services

There are still more people that need to be informed of your move to a new house, with the following being the priorities;

  • Doctor
  • Dentist

Hopefully, this checklist will help make sure you have informed all of the required people of your property move so don’t face any difficulties at a later date, and remember, choose a Hadley and Ottaway removal in Haverhill or any one of the other areas we service to ensure the move itself runs as smoothly as possible throughout!

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