The Key Features of Storage During the House Moving Process

The Key Features of Storage During the House Moving Process

August 16, 2013
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Whilst you might not initially think it, utilising available storage facilities has the potential to play a huge role in the house moving process, as we at Hadley & Ottaway aim to explain. With storage facilities available to store all manner of belongings, from one item through to your entire household’s possessions, we can make it easier for you to initially sell your property as well as move when the time comes to vacate your current property and head to your new home. Read on to find out more;

Make Your Current Home More Appealing

In order to be able to move into a new home, for most people, selling their current property is an absolute must. If this a position you find yourself in, you can utilise storage facilities to make your property more aesthetically appealing to a potential buyer.

Would-be buyers like to see how they can make a house their own, so if your current property is full of your possessions with every nook and cranny filled, it is considerably more difficult for them to see each room as a blank canvas and begin to formulate ideas on what they could do with the space. By moving some of your possessions into storage, whilst still making sure the property looks lived in, it can instantly make the whole property more appealing to a potential buyer as they can develop ideas and see all the space that is available within the property.

Stagger Moving Day

Moving each and every item out of your home in one single day is no mean feat, however this is what is required on a traditional moving day. However, by taking advantage of a location to store your belongings, you can effectively stagger moving day over an extended period of time, making for a less stressful and arduous day on your actual moving date.

With a storage facility, you can move items in on a regular basis before the move and pick them up whenever you wish, either all at the same time or again staggered over a period of time, once you have moved and settled into your new home.

Here at Hadley and Ottaway, we have a large warehouse available where you can store possessions for as long as you wish. Whether you decide to store within a bay or alternatively pack items into a wooden container on the back of one of our lorries which is then put into store, we strongly believe that utilising any storage option available to you can make the house moving process far more effective and enjoyable. Why not give it a go for your forthcoming move to experience its benefits firsthand?