7 Quick Fire Hints to Help When Packing

7 Quick Fire Hints to Help When Packing

If you have decided to embark on the packing process yourself, not forgetting that our team at Hadley and Ottaway can pack all of your belongings for you, we thought we’d offer a helping hand with seven quick fire hints that you can implement when packing boxes in your home ahead of a forthcoming move. Read on for the helpful hints that will make the process a far easier one for all parties involved;

1. For glass and china objects, wrap each piece individually before using crushed paper as additional padding when placing them into boxes.

2. Leave clothing inside your chest of drawers to avoid having to empty and pack into suitcases or boxes; saving time both packing in your old property and unpacking in your new one.

3. Loose items such as wood, shelves or gardening equipment that is going with you to your new property should be taped together into manageable bundles to make transfer easy.

4. Batteries should be removed from any of your belongings that are going to be kept in storage for a prolonged period of time as they can pose a serious fire risk.

5. Make sure that no items are protruding out of the top of boxes as they will be stacked on top of each other inside the removals van so damage to your possessions could occur if this is the case.

6. Always use a good amount of tape to secure the boxes once filled with your possessions as this will reduce the risk of them opening and your belongings falling out at any stage of the process.

7. Invest in a marker pen so you can clearly highlight the room the box needs to be dropped off in at your new property in addition to making your removals team aware of any boxes that hold fragile objects.

Hopefully these seven quick fire hints will help with packing if you have decided to tackle this yourself. However if you do encounter any problems and require our assistance with the packing of your possessions, or simply want to discuss a Hadley and Ottaway removal in Ely or any of the other areas we service, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.