3 Tips for a Successful Summer Moving Day

3 Tips for a Successful Summer Moving Day

Summer is the busiest period of the year for house moves, what with the chances of good weather considerably increased as opposed to other times of the year, it makes moving at this time of year a slightly less stressful experience. The sensible option is to have a BAR Registered Removal Company carry out the move for you but if you have chosen to carry out the move yourself then in light of the warm, muggy weather we at Hadley and Ottaway thought we’d offer you three tips to bear in mind if your moving day is anytime soon and the sun happens to be beaming down;

Keep Well Hydrated

Moving and lifting heavy boxes as well as constantly running up and down stairs and between rooms is going to leave you thirsty even on a colder day, however if you are doing this when the temperatures are high and the sun is shining, the importance of keeping well hydrated can’t be stressed enough.

In the heat, you will be sweating as you move your possessions from your old property to your new home, so you need to ensure you are constantly drinking to replenish that which is being lost. If you don’t keep yourself hydrated yet maintain a high workload on moving day, you could soon find yourself feeling lightheaded, unwell and unable to complete the work required effectively.

Take Regular Rest Breaks

Following on from the importance of keeping yourself well hydrated, it is also essential that you take regular breaks to rest, particularly on hot days, so your body can briefly recuperate before you commence work again.

Sitting out of the sun in a shaded area is advisable as it will help your body to cool down, and you will soon notice that you will be able to complete tasks far quicker by taking regular breaks than you would if you attempt to do it all in one go.

Eat to Maintain Energy

The heat will take it out of you, there’s no question of that, so alongside drinking plenty and taking regular rests, you need to make sure you have plenty available to eat in order to maintain your energy. With this in mind, don’t pack away all of the food ahead of your move, or alternatively head out to the shops on the morning of moving day to stock up on food to keep you going.

The last thing you want when you need to be moving boxes all day is to completely lose your energy as not only has this the potential to make you feel unwell, but it could also cause disruptions to the speed at which the removal process is completed.

If you have a moving day scheduled for the height of summer, make sure you take the tips detailed above on board to ensure you stay fit and healthy at all times. To find out more on Hadley and Ottaway removals in Ely or any of the other areas we service, or to acquire further advice for your forthcoming moving day, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.