10 Top Tips for Moving Large or Heavy Objects

10 Top Tips for Moving Large or Heavy Objects

When moving house, there is a good chance that there will come a point at which large or heavy objects will need to be moved. In order to help you out with this and make the process as easy as possible at the same time as reducing the risk of injury on your part, we at Hadley and Ottaway thought we’d collate ten top tips for moving a large, heavy or obscure object in your upcoming move.

1. Generally, it is a far better idea to push heavy items rather than pulling them. There is more chance of causing yourself an injury if you are attempting to pull something heavy than if you decide to push it.

2. When pushing heavy objects across floors, lay down pieces of cardboard or blankets to protect the floor and make it easier to push the object across it.

3. Plan your route in advance as the last thing you want to do is lift a heavy item, start to carry it towards the nearest doorway only to find that it won’t fit out by carrying it the way you are.

4. It is always a good idea to stretch first ahead of moving heavy items as you will be less likely to pull a muscle. It might seem odd stretching like you would if you were about to go on a run however you will regret not doing it if you pull something when lifting a heavy box.

5. Always take the drawers out of a desk or cupboard before lifting or you could find yourself with bruised shins as they slide out after you’ve lifted it.

6. When moving heavy items down stairs, use boards to create a ramp as this will be far easier and safer than attempting to carry the item down whilst being unsighted.

7. When moving your sofa, lay it on its back or side before sliding it as far as possible. Make sure that, should you have to lift from the outset, there are enough people there to help you.

8. Large, heavy objects such as fridge freezers are notoriously difficult to move, however if you lean it towards you and walk it out side to side, this will make it far easier and less painful for you!

9. If you can take the object apart and reassemble easily, do so and move each part separately as putting it back together is likely to be far easier than attempting to carry it out still intact.

10. One of the most important tips we can give is to take your time as by rushing the move of large or heavy objects there is a greater chance that you could damage the object you are moving whilst also causing injury to yourself.

We hope these tips have helped ahead of your big move, however should you need any further advice or guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact us as our team are always more than happy to help.